long eye
Not your average pfp NFT!



What is LEM?

Once upon a time, in a world filled with whimsy and wonder, tiny creatures called Long Eye Monstres roamed the Earth. They had been here for as long as anyone could remember, hiding under beds, in closets, and often disguised as store-bought soft toys.

Their hearts yearned for a place they could call their own, a place where they belonged - their mother planet, the Solana blockchain. And though they knew not how to return, they never stopped dreaming.As time passed, the world became increasingly digitalized, and with each new advancement, the Long Eye Monstres saw a glimmer of hope.

They realized that their long-awaited journey back to their mother planet might finally be within reach.One fateful day, as the digital revolution reached its peak, the Long Eye Monstres seized their chance. They leaped through the screens of digital devices, finding their way onto the Solana blockchain and finally creating the home they had always longed for.

Now, 3,500 of these delightful creatures, each adorned with 300 unique, hand-drawn traits, stood poised to conquer their new world on Solana. Who would join them in this grand adventure? What awaited them in this new digital realm?
Only the Long Eye Monstres knew for certain, and they couldn't wait to find out.